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Things to Do Near Me - Buzzpad

Why Buzzpad ?

Have you ever felt that you are frequently missing out on most of the things that are happening around in your city or neighborhood?

 Despite all the social media, there is no sure shot way of following every interesting story , activities or the events happening in your neighborhood… stories that you might be interested in!

These stories are untold and quite frankly there is no medium that can get you all these updates from your neighborhood…. UNTIL NOW!

Launching Buzzpad!

A social platform to discover, explore and share the buzz in real time as they are happening

Sign Up Now and Start Buzzing!

Follow Your Buzzers !

Every one of us have different interests and passions and buzzpad don’t want to annoy you by showing the things you don’t like so we built this network on buzzers (Learn More).

So follow the buzzers that interests you and start buzzing!

Buzzpad is not a place where you trade like for likes or do something for higher followers count. So Be Yourself and let the world welcome you! 

We keep rolling out new buzzers as per user requests. See list of all available buzzers here

Start Buzzing Your Moments Now with People Around You ! 

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Stay Connected!

stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are. Whether you’re catching up, or planning your next trip to explore, connecting is now even more fun.

share the events, happenings and moments — even as they are occurring with your friends and groups directly with a click and start discussing the things happening around you.

You can create any number of private groups and start sharing the buzz to them  Whether it’s a group of friends, family or colleagues, Buzzpad makes it easier to connect and engage with your people.

Get Answers

very often there are lot of situations where you aren’t able to find the answers or recommendations to your needs. Your question may require local community knowledge or particular expertise. keeping this in mind we have created Discover where you can ask any question or recommendation and get answers from people in your community.

Anything you would like to know!


best restaurant for kids birthday near me ?

Is there any italian restaurant would you recommend around here for a date ?

Which place do your recommend to buy toys for kids ?


Discover on Buzzpad

Key Features

These are the some of the things that drive us with real need of building this.

Real Time Buzz

buzzpad is the only social network to share and explore the buzz around you in real-time.

Follow Your Passion

We care your interests and passions and so we built this network on buzzers. so start following the buzzers that interest you and get the latest buzz right on your phone.

Building Stronger Communities

we believe building stronger communities is about making users work together with a common goal. buzzpad aims to achieve it by making users and local business working together for enriching our lifestyle

Discover Answers for Your Needs

buzzpad helps you to get answers and recommendations for all of your needs directly from users of your community.

User Generated Content

Buzzpad is a network built by users of your community and every event, news and activities happening around you are directly broadcasted by users on the ground in the real time.

Explore Your Community like Never Before

Every one of us explored the community by searching places in google or using any other apps but buzzpad let everyone explore based on the real-time buzz of your community.

Join the Revolution!

*We are only open to limited early adopters and community members in selected cities.

Subscribe below for early access to our social platform.

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