Making Our Voices Heard

buzzpad treats every one of our voice equally, so no need to be a star for making your voice heard by everyone

Community Built Network

Imagine millions of people out on the roads, working together towards a common goal: Creating stories to make everyone get the real time buzz

Follow Buzzers of Your Choice

buzzpad is built on buzzers that gives you the total freedom of choosing the buzz you want on your feed

User Generated Content

stories, news or updates created by users will directly reach out to everyone with similar interests and passions

What is buzzpad ?

The Social Network for What’s Buzzing Around You!

Buzzpad is a social platform for exploring and sharing the buzz in real time. Buzzpad is not about you and it’s about the moments happening in front of you.

buzz can be a story of anything that is untold and happening in real time like a DJ event, food festival, clearance sale, new hiking club or karaoke night in a bar to name a few.

So, any user can capture and buzz their moments right from their phone and let the world know about it.

NB: Attention buzzites!

Buzzpad is not where you share selfies of the cool things you are doing! — It’s where you discover cool things to do.

Buzzpad is not where you follow what other people are doing! — It’s where you discover ways to hang out WITH other people.

Buzzpad is not about just staying connected! — It’s about staying connected to the moment.


Let’s Start Buzzing !

Buzzpad is not a space where you trade like for likes or do something for higher followers count. buzzpad is to buzz our moments with similar interest users around us.

Share your experiences with people of similar interests and passions.

Let’s share about food with foodies by tagging “food” buzzer

Let’s share an in-store deal with shoppers by tagging “Shopping” buzzer

let’s share your experience of an event with event enthusiasts by tagging “Events” buzzer

 Let’s share your experience of Cavs game with NBA followers using “NBA” buzzer

Let’s share your hiking experience with hikers by tagging “Hiking” buzzer

let’s share your achievement in the gym with fitness freaks by tagging “fitness” buzzer

Let’s share about a music event you attended with music and event lovers by tagging “Music” and “Event” buzzers.

Our Mission

To understand the real-time buzz around us and making sure everyone’s voice is heard.    

Core Values:

Making Sure Everyone's Voice is Heard

Buzzpad treats every post in similar way and the reach of your post just depends on authenticity of post. If your voice is natural, genuine and attracts great engagement, then your post can perform better than a Hollywood star with huge followers.

User-Generated Local Stories

buzzpad is a social network built by users of your community and every event, news, updates, and activities happening around you are directly broadcasted by users on the ground in the real time. so anyone who loves to explore can be a buzzite.

Building Stronger Communities

we believe building stronger communities is about making users work together with a common goal. buzzpad aims to achieve it by making users and local business working together for enriching our life style.

Who are using buzzpad ?

Looking for a buzzing party? Cultural or music events tonight? Great deals in nearby shops? The best lunch restaurant around? Sporting activities? Or just to meet interesting people?

Buzzpad is a user generated platforms where you get to know what’s buzzing where — no matter what you are looking for!

Get access to unfiltered updates about the buzzing events and opportunities around you. Your Buzzpad feed will consist exclusively of moments to discover near you.

You may be using the platform for a different reason that isn’t mentioned above. then please feel free to share your experience with us and any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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