Why we are feeling lonelier than ever?

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Why you need to be on Buzzpad, A local social network!

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Why existing social media networks are making teens feel insecure?

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Why Millennials are choosing experiences over things?

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Why we are feeling lonelier than ever?

As we search the term loneliness, we get about 51,700,000 results Just in 0.34 seconds. Articles on loneliness are rapidly increasing in thousands and this has become a public interest…

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Top 3 Best Towns For Christmas Shopping in 2018

Throughout the U.S. there are a variety of cities providing anumber of the most effective Christmas shopping inthe World. some of these are massive cities, offering boutiques,specialty shops and upscale…


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I still remember my first hitchhiking was in Belize. Back in 2015.Since then, I’ve hitchhiked around a handful of countries and someof the most exotic cities to meet some interesting…