15 best things to do in Cleveland

15 best things you can’t afford to miss in Cleveland 

Everything in Cleveland is worth visiting. Being the second largest city in Ohio, Cleveland inspires tourists with awe. Its cultural, historic, scientific and fashion destinations leave us spellbound. Cleveland’s spectacular museums, Oldest zoos of United states, cultural and botanical gardens, etc every scene is breath-taking.

Cleveland was one of the most important canal ports in the eastern united states in the 1800s, which led to Cleveland’s development. Now all the historic buildings and old constructions have been moderated. One invitation was sent to the world by Cleveland. Efforts were made through maintaining and increasing tourism spots and hospitality for tourists making Cleveland one of the best tourism places around the globe. 

Let’s go on a tour with 15 best things to do in Cleveland you can’t afford to miss!

Cleveland’s longest running market – WEST SIDE MARKET

Westside is the only oldest market and last remaining market of Cleveland built in 1912, to serve the growing immigrant population in the early 1900s. It has been renovated in the 2000s after which it gained more popularity in tourists too.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

Westside market is one of the best things to do in Cleveland for a foodie. Market stalls with everything you need but I suggest you strike a bargain before buying. Homemade foods and ready to eat snacks are also the attractions of this market. The market is open five days a week holding over 100 vendors selling daily requirements to many speciality items.

IWASM– International Women’s Air and Space Museum

Featuring the showcase of famous aviation women of history and collection of the wealth of memorabilia and historical artifacts. This museum is in reverence to the accomplishment, successes, and contributions made by women over the decades.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

Location: Terminal building of Burke LakefrontAirport. Museum is open from 8 AM to 8 PM with free admission. Created in 1998,this museum has been changing its exhibits with time making it worth visitingagain if you have already visited in the past.

Masterpiece ofCleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913, holding a variety of art from around the world with the collection of more than thirty thousand works of art over five thousand years of span. This museum is located at the center of the city’s Fine Arts Garden and tops the list of Cleveland’s attraction.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

Artwork includes well-renowned masterpieces from Asia, Africa, Europe, ancient Egypt etc. Recent expansion introduced artworks from around the world. Apart from artwork this museum hosts various events such as Exhibitions, musical events, Film featuring, lectures for the public.

The Unusual building – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The building of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was designed by world-famous architect I.M Pei and is devoted to exhibiting some of rock and roll’s greatest contributors and performers and inspires visitors with impressive collections of Rock and Roll.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This museum constantly celebrates rock and roll by offering a wide range of classes and workshops to kids and adults and influencing the same, deeper into the society and the world.

Musicophiles could spend days going through the history of popular music spread in six floors. Rock and roll hall of fame also known as the best library and honors the best entertainers of this industry. Start from level 0 of the museum and just Rock and Roll all the stories! 

Oldest Zoos of US – Cleveland’s Metro parks Zoo

Spread over 183 acres, the Metroparks zoo is divided and themed according to the region they represent. Some such themed sections are Australian adventure, northern trek, African savannah, rainforest, northern temperate forest etc.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This zoo is founded in 1892, making it one of the oldest zoos in united states with a wide range of exotic creatures such as great apes, gorillas, fishing cats etc. Cleveland Metroparks zoo is also a year-roundBotanical garden. A perfect treat for nature and animal lovers.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is listed one of the modernized tourism attractions of Cleveland. Opened in 2012, this aquarium is home to inhabitants of all oceans of the world. It has more than 50 exhibits spread over more than seventy thousand square feet.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This aquarium consists of vast 230,000-gallon tank, and exhibits include lakes and rivers of different zones from all over the world. The aquarium also offers education programmes about the animals and their care to inspire and encourage people in marine life and how to preserve it.

Spreading Culture of – Cleveland Orchestra

Cleveland Orchestra is worlds one of the most acclaimed ensembles with excellence and allegiance in community engagement and creative skills. This Orchestra has been famous for spreading music and its value to local and nonlocal communities touring around the world.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This orchestra is led by Franz Welser-Most since past sixteen years, starting from 2002. Cleveland Orchestra plays a crucial role in Ohio’s art and cultural scene till today. A Music enthusiast can feast in Cleveland with the above-mentioned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and this Orchestra.

Know the – Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Known as the best museum of the city, Cleveland Museum of Natural History is made with several educational, cultural, medical institutions for research and facilitating developing of current collections.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This museum has got some magnificent collections among which includes the three-million-year-old human ancestor, mammoth skeletons, dinosaur skeletons etc. There are also exhibits of botany, geology, astronomy, mineral, gems etc.

Go Green – Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden is a place featuring 20unique gardens with various themes with carefully selected patterns of flowers which inspires visitors with ideas of own garden.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

With incredible variety of flora and fauna from all over the world and attractions such as butterfly garden, woodland garden, Elizabeth and Noma Evans Restorative Garden, Japanese garden which features dry rock stream etc.

MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art

Best Contemporary art in the world from Local to international artists have been showcased in the Museum of Contemporary Art. The very modern building for this museum was built in 2012, gave a lavishing look with tinted glass with a mirrored finish and a hexagon shape at the ground and square shape at roof levels respectively.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This museum is one the best place to visit especially for art lovers. The exhibits in this museum aims to challenge, inspire and teach a wide range of people about culture and creative imagination through contemporary art.

Heart of Cleveland’s Theater district –PLAYHOUSE SQUARE

Playhouse square is in the heart of Cleveland’s theatre district and in the heart of Cleveland people too. This playhouse was built in the early 1900s and was saved from destruction by renovating it in late1900s. People of Cleveland voluntarily participated in restoring the old glory of the construction saving it from demolition.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This playhouse was founded in 1915 and was America’s first professional regional theatre, known for producing shows, plays and programmes of highest quality aiming to entertain audiences.

An outstanding 20-foot tall stainless-steel light piece that shimmers with four thousand two hundred crystals pendants and LED fixtures stands as worlds largest outdoor chandelier, the GE chandelier. Don’tmiss it!

Great Lakes Science center of Cleveland

The Science center on edge of the Lake Eriejustifies Great Lakes Science Centre. Irrespective of interest in science, anyone gets curious about it visiting this center.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

Exhibits here include NASA, Glenn visitor center, science phenomena Zone etc, with hundreds of interactive displays engaging visitors. This center has got active activity Calendar, hence check from the website before you plan a visit.

 USS Cod Submarine Memorial

Just like the previous one, USS Cod SubmarineMemorial is also located on the shores of Lake Erie and is a National HistoricLandmark. This submarine has witnessed many battles and rescues of world war IIand Its Submarine to submarine rescue in 1945 is noted as its historic event.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

You can plan a visit in summer months and board the vessel with an entrance from original hatchways never modified from war time.

 “A Christmas Story” House in Cleveland

“A Christmas Story” is a film from 1983, and the residence of Ralphie Parker, character from the movie is this very own “A Christmas Story House” and Museum today. After the movie, it was bought by a private developer and now it is open to the public.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

This museum is just across the road from the house featuring a broad range of Props, Costumes and memorabilia from the film. This museum interest the people who are a fan of the film. This place is open year-round.

The Lake View Cemetery of Cleveland

The Lake View Cemetery is known as Cleveland’soutdoor museum. Known as the garden of monuments, this cemetery started in 1869and still in use. Famous names include James Abram Garfield – twentieth President of the United States, John Davison Rockefeller, Eliot Ness etc.

15 best things to do in Cleveland

Spread over 285 acres this Cemetery holds more than 100,000 graves and still used for over 700 burials every year. The Cemetery also features decorous garden and horticulture.

Here are the best 15 things to do in Cleveland for you. Happy holiday! Get Buzzpad App for free and never miss any of the real-time happenings in and around your location. Come back and share your experience!

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