what to do around you

How to find what to do near you?

Everybody loves to spend quality time for themselves putting aside the stress they are round the clock. To speak precisely, the search for “What to do near you” is high on weekends. Did you ever search for the same, when to think to do something better than before or to get something you have been missing?

Well, after being done with your searches, you might have followed your monotonous weekend rituals never realizing weekend ever arrived in the first place. Now, how can you find what to do near you to have a vibrant, joyful and relaxing weekend?

Often, we miss activities or event around the corner and this makes us feel abandoned by the world or getting addicted to social media or watching any new season of the same old TV series. Let’s unveil a few tips on how to find what to do near you?

what to do around you

You can be spontaneous too!

You can instantly find some places around you while you drive and choose to spend time there. May it be a shopping mall or a museum or an attraction of the city or a kid play zone or just a small coffee shop which interests you to sit and have a conversation along with strong coffee.

Meet and Greet can be Considered!

Think of your relatives or friends whom you haven’t met for a long time and plan a visit to them. Meeting people often refreshes the mind and real conversations have proven good enough for mental health after the rapid growth of addictions to social media.

Get your Checklist

Create your checklist of things you wanted or dreamt of doing for a long time according to your free time. List them on priority and distance as per your convenience and go on a day out with your family or friends or even alone as per your preference.

what to do around you

Ask Google

Google can give you better suggestions about everything near you. If you have anything planned in your mind about a place or an activity to do, then definitely you could go to the best place or the nearest place as you like. But if in case you are not clear of doing anything, it is of no help and you can’t also get any real time updates of any happening of the destination you choose.

So here I have a remedy for those who always regret missing stuff in real time and those who think of planning their weekend without doing anything exciting.

There is an app called Buzzpad, recently launching in few cities and expanding rapidly. You can follow your passions and interests in this app and get notified of everything happening around in real-time which allows you to explore without wasting any time in thinking and invite others by posting your feed too. You are just a button away to discover, explore and share everything happening around you.

Get this next generations app as soon as possible to experience life in a totally different way. Click here to know that its not an exaggeration. Below are a few other local happening apps for your help in understanding.

Explore Your Community Like Never Before with Buzzpad!

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