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Redefining happiness in today’s world

How can you define happiness? Well, everyone has got their own version of understanding for happiness. Many surveys and study’s say also confirm the same. Researching and speaking to various groups of people in different countries concluded that every individual has a different conception of happiness. So how can we understand something when we cannot agree on a definition of it?

Happiness among individuals has different reasons. Some of them are such as being a housewife is a pleasure of life for few and some feel it as a living hell. Same applies for sports, money, pets, relations, job, education. Small reasons make us stand above cloud nine and vice versa.

Happiness in Ancient Greek

Many surveys of today’s world are not directly about happiness, rather they do on pleasure, stress levels and workloads. In fact, happiness requires all of that asnecessity to achieve our potential. Happiness is much deeper for ancient Greeks as their definition is: It’s the joy we feel when we are striving toward our potential.

For more than a century the definition of happiness has been going to college, followed by and speaking job, life partner, children and then ow a house and raising define happiness every benefit. But this course has change understand something and that every best example for that is Millennials choosing experiences over things. There is no guarantee of getting a corporate job through college for happiness a job even if you get it.

being happy

Myths on being happy

Your understanding of happiness can also be one of these myths. Let’s see! Being happy means never experiencing negative emotions. Always smiling and experiencing the best of life. Being a happy statue 24/7. Getting success in everything you do and reaching goals in record time etc.

The truth is they are popular myths but never facts. Many of us believe these myths but at the same time, we feel other emotions too such as sad, low etc. It becomes worse when we try to hide those and pretending happy.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is experiencing all kinds of positive emotions like hope, pride, love, gratitude, serenity etc. Happiness also includes negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness etc because these emotions play an important role in living a happy and healthy life.

Success and Happiness

Most of us believe that success gives happiness. But another shocking fact is happiness for happiness. Of course, it is also true that that success makes you feel proud and speaking a form of happiness but that stays until you get back to normal life. Happiness that incorporated in daily routine boosts your life to next level in creativity, productivity and say what not. It also helps to nourish your social relationships and keeps you healthy. Amazing isn’t it!

being happy

Formula for happiness

Do you think, you can follow a formula to be happy? Then you are wrong. There is no right or wrong way to go and get happiness. Most of us try to plan lives and follow it very strictly to achieve happiness but realize that happiness is not an achievement, rather it is a mixture of other feelings such as kindness, empathy, gratitude etc. But the only formula is to welcome happiness in, is to be your real authentic self.

Redefining happiness

Define happiness with your own values by using your natural strengths. Never blame yourself for not having something, rather, appreciate what you have, and happiness is always on your side. Be confident in who you are and live a life that is true to you.

Do the things that make your life meaningful but not that you should do without any proper analysis. Do anything which can bring joy to you, but not which satisfy you in short-term but bring pain in long term. Choose a path that excites you every day. Never force your soul doing wrong things and yes it might be hard, but happiness has been redefined with certain above explained statements and suggestions in today’s world.

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