Who is living in a bubble

Who is living in a bubble?

Everyone of us have our own bubble of life but living in a bubble without any social relationships in todays world is a matter to concern. We learn lessons throughout the life, but every lesson has a point of teaching about our communications with others. Let’s say, in a kindergarten, we are taught to play with others. In school projects are assigned in groups etc.

Why should we do this? Well, living in one’s own bubble is boring. There are no new challenges, no discussions or arguments to win any conversation, moreover, no one care about what you do or think! You will understand where you belong by the end of this article. Are you one of those who create their bubble?

In today’s world, living in a bubble shutting everyone out can be a psychological imbalance. After the social media’s introduction to World, no one has kept his or her mouth shut in any issue. No matter how concerned they are about the happenings in the society, but they lend their voice even just for a small recognition. The more people started speaking on social media today, the more they are becoming lonelier. has has been explained in Why people are feeling lonelier than ever.

Who is living in a bubble

What is living in a Bubble?

Living in a bubble is giving boundaries to everything with certain rules. The rules can be with family, friends, colleagues, other social relations, your own lifestyle today etc. Some choose to live up to their own expectations not bothered if anyone else has up to their family and friends, A few to a little higher level.

Other than describing bubble relating to life, we have bubbles within life which describe our passions and interests too. We can define bubble relating to different activities such as sports bubble, fashion bubble, techno bubble, cars bubble etc.

As different passions have different bubbles, there are different ways to explore your passions. Get updated about everything happening around you in real time related to your passions. Now let’s get back to a bubble of life!

Where is your bubble leading you?

Living in a bubble is healthy if your definition includes having everything you need in your life. Eventually, people and perspectives of their life changed, redefining everything around them. Every word has got a new meaning to know today. Top of all, happiness has been redefined with time!

Some of us got numerous social connections that there is not a minute your mobile rests without a notification. And a few who even today live a life far away from social media. Of course, they can be as less as any near to extinct species. But who is leading their life peaceful?

Social media absorbs our life unknowingly and you will never know what you are losing when you are already in it. Most of you might be planning to get rid of social media addictions or the negative causes due to it, but you didn’t get a remedy yet. Well you will get it now.

Who is living in a bubble

Live in reality – Live in real time

When you enjoy everything in real, eventually you will stop following feed in social media of what you have missed and regret about it. Local social networks are helping most of the people to overcome all their depressions.

Life has become more real with local social networks as we get to know everything surrounded by you and get everything we want within no time. The future is local social networks. We can’t have the wizards to know everything happening without technology today. Why worry when you got Buzzpad.

This is one local social network which is not less than any wizard in your hand. You are just a click away with Buzzpad to get updated about every activity happening around you in real time by real users posting real feed. Click here to create a new bubble of happiness.

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