What have we lost in this digital age

What have we lost in this digital age?

History of future generations could be possibly predigital age and digital age just as we say BC and AD. Today, It’s not a Good Morning to any teenager without a Hashtag (#) post on their social media wall. How does your day start?

People born in Eighties are lucky to have a digital free childhood. Every child is a “Digital Native” today and asks to imagine their life without social media, smart electronic gadgets, instant access to online knowledge such as Wikipedia etc. They would feel as aliens with the concept.

Of course, I agree that Google-isation of knowledge is for the greater good but is taking the fun out of life. Where will you go, search and learn new things when you can sit and get uploaded information with no stress and strain!

So, what do you think is the major loss in us in this digital age? What have we lost in this digital age? Well, the list is long but here we will discuss some key facts.

Loss of stored memories

Data threats: Scripts were written and stored in various ways in history. Today, we save everything and use digital storage devices and now we save everything to cloud. But all of us are vulnerable to data crash at some time. We often miss some pictures or music albums or videos when deleted due to various reasons.

Accessibility: The range of accessibility is too low in the digital world. Here, I mean the life-span of digital inventions is less due to many advancements in technology. Due to these developments and customization of products, the data we store in earlier versions can be lost forever.

The best examples are floppy discs. They can no longer be read and the data they contain has been lost forever.

what have we lost in this digital age

Loss of EQ (Emotional Quotient)

Due to smartphones, the symptoms of addiction to the internet has become common in every home. Several surveys also confirmed the increased levels of depressions, phobias and feeling of vulnerability to live in the outside world. They would rather prefer life on social media.

There are no direct conversations with friends being just beside them. Reading books, exploring nature or enjoying any event or festival from heart is boring. Everything is for a selfie and more likes, comments and shares. Very soon, considering these addictions as problem will stop. It will be just like other habits we implant into ourselves.

Loss of IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

the memory of data on the internet is increasing rapidly but what I the status of your memory? Data specialist EMC estimates that in 2013, World contained about 4.4 Zettabytes which is 4.4 trillion gigabytes of data. But by 2020, it expects this to have risen tenfold.

Everything in this digital age is stored in the cloud but not in mind. Due to less exercise of remembering things, there are opinions that IQ levels in kids might be affected. Not only children, its the same with us! As an example, I would take phonebook.

Many of us used to memorize the mobile numbers initially but I have seen people who don’t even remember their own number. I think this would be enough to conclude the effects of technology on our IQ.

I would agree that children are cleverer compared to previous generations but that is after excluding these effects. Imagine their full potential without such distractions. I know, the results would be magical!

What have we lost in this digital age

Loss of Leisure Time

I think all family gatherings should be strictly no smartphone zones. These smartphones took away life time leisure from us. People used to have group chats on different topics and they valued opinions from others too.

Today, everyone peaks out his opinion with a hashtag, but no one bothers about you unless you have a big mouth and a celebrity tag! You answer to yourself when was the last time you felt leisure without an active status in any app in your smartphone!

How to get back what we lost?

As an immediate step, you can join any millennial club which your perfect therapy can be, to get out of all your digital addictions. Millennials are the change today. Know more about Why millennials choose experiences than things.

I believe in searching where we lost it! Whatever we have lost due to the disadvantages of social media, we can get back through social media but have it with a small change.

Have you ever heard of local social media? Being a “Digital native” You wouldn’t have missed it, maybe you didn’t get time to come out of your wall to check this. There are few new social media platforms emerging today, which encourages you to share experiences rather than self-promotion as in traditional social media.

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