Digital age

Get back to creative plays in the digital age!

We transformed from reading direct books to kindle editions, from playground games to video games and online games, street shopping to online shopping, value to materials than emotions, newspaper to social media feed, traditional marketing to digital marketing etc. This transformation left majority of creative people in history.

Anything creative is closer to heart than any digital invention. This Digital age created rapid and huge changes in our live. Sometimes I even think that Where have been our childhood board games, holiday planning in summer, healthy competitions between kids etc.

Everything around us is transforming as we spend more time on our mobiles, laptops, tablets. More than direct contact, everyone is handy through social media accounts. From invitations to wishes for special days to gifts for occasions, everything has gone online. There is no need for personal presence today. Future generations are “Digital Natives” for whom life before digital inventions can be non-civilised.

So, let’s get back to creative plays in the digital age! Being creative is not as hard as it was earlier. Today, anything we sense and feel with heart is creative! Let’s see how it is to have real fun!

Why are digital activities attractive?

Why we wouldn’t like it if everything is so cozy. No need to put physical effort and shedding not even a single drop of sweat. Sit in an air-conditioned room and have fun online. You can talk to anyone irrespective of distance, search everything and get details through Wikipedia.

Not just this, there is more! Everything must be quick today, and hence can access everything through our smartphones. These are inventions with various reasons of saving time, papers, manpower etc. But End of the day all this results in laziness. Very few have realised this till now and easily got out of this race of addictions, but only God knows about others.

Digital age

Psychological changes in Digital age

No one starts a conversation until they have some use of it. Previously there used to be a lot of conversations with neighbors, small community meetings within a locality. Gents used to gather discussing politics, pollution, work, future of kids etc, but all that has gone past.

Talking to strangers is not recommended today. How many of us talk to a fellow passenger in a metro rather you stare and scroll feed on your timeline? How many of you even notice what’s new around you commuting to office? Admit it! Have you never wished your friend on his birthday as a formality after fakebook’s notification?

My intention is not to blame anyone’s busy life but just trying to make my point on what have we lost in this digital age?  Psychology of people has changed a lot and when compared to previous generations there are reports of increased psychological complications. There are high in teenagers.

It is also reported through various surveys and study’s that the emotional quotient is decreasing which eventually affects their mindset and when this happens there is not much change left between humans and robots.

In the process of creating robots with expressions and feelings, we stopped realized that we haven’t them when required. We call in being strong by controlling every emotion of ours. It is mandatory to let out every emotion for a healthy being. This has been registered as for major complaint in many cases.

Digital age

Experiencing real life on digital platform

It is no rocket science! When everyone is on the digital platform, every business also tries to get customers over there too. There started types of digital marketing. Apart from commercial and self-promotions, have you ever thought of anything exciting To-Do through the digital platform?

Well, there are a few, who think for you in advance and create different choices to explore and have real fun. The real fun is experiencing everything happening around you on the ground than getting updates as news in the next day newspaper.

How to know everything happening around you? Have you heard of Local social networks? Yes! These networks create a platform for you to see life out of 6 inches screen.

One such network is Buzzpad, where you can get notified of everything happening around you based on your interest. Click here to have a roller coaster ride into real life and share memories and experiences with people of same interests just like you.

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