Living Big

Create your best life by “Living Big”

What is living big for you? Well, previously, living big was owning a fancy car, luxurious home, comforting family with every need etc. Simply we can verse “living big” as a mindset of living with abundance. The only difference today is the changed definition of Abundance!

There are so many beautiful ways to Living Big. It is no more about what you own or have for yourself. Living Big is different from different stages of life and varies according to mindsets too. Even small things make people feel they are Living big. Well, I don’t want to confuse you any more, so let’s get into details and know what creating the best life is! By Living Big!

Living Big

Living Big Differs

While we define it generously, some say Living Big is sharing. Sharing life, stories, enjoying the social connectivity in real world. Quite the times your stories inspire others a lot! Being an inspiration is a definite way of Living Big.

While how can you share anything with people? I know your answer can be social media. There’s a better answer “local social network”. The best way of sharing your moments is on local social networks. One such is Buzzpad, where you can click and share every exciting activity around you which reaches exact people with same interest around you! Exciting, isn’t it! Well, you can give it a try dude!

Living Big is travelling a lot, experiencing life in different ways, it can be a world tour for few, rather than owning things, some people value experiences a lot today. You can a better explanation for this in why millennials are choosing experiences over things.

Discussing teenagers, Living Big is posting everything on their social media walls. They don’t have even a single friend to talk personally but quite a lot on the Facebook friends list and Instagram followers. Well, this is called an addiction to social media and several other psychological complications too. So, Living Big should change its definition here.

Living Big

Living Big should be healthy

“Health is Wealth”! This is an old phrase realising the importance now after changing it to “Wealth can buy Health” over a decade. Now Living big should be healthy with lot of good thoughts and deeds along with self-care.

As discussed in the previous section about teenagers thought of living big, they can be counselled but Living Big idea shouldn’t be an addiction or any disorder for adults. There are a few surveys too trying to understand teenagers which I mentioned in Why we are feeling lonelier than ever. Some indulge in drugs or any illegal activities. Well, who are we to judge them too.

Moving on to healthy way of living big is dreaming the best ways to live your life and make them true. Also, overcoming all your worries in every point of life. The only way of doing this is accepting every opportunity in your everyday life and trying to succeed and be happy! You should also be prepared for the worst consequences too. Be with a motto of “Be Prepared” as a scout!

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There are a few more suggestions for your help to create your best life by Living Big, especially who are looking for help!

Stop thinking of the things which depress or scare you. Instead start looking for what is exciting and people whom you feel comfortable to talk too initially. Well, if you are alone, the best way as I suggested is Local social network.

Living Big

Shift your focus to positive things, show more humanity and gratitude and avoid everything negative, start appreciating what you have and stop complaining about things you don’t have. Feel blessed for what God gave you, start living your dreams and chase them until you acquire them. Most important thing is self-perseverance and never lose it!

Keep questioning yourself about everything why you can’t do that and start overcoming every hurdle which comes into your mind. The best suggestion is start being social and get into real conversations with people. Finding people with same interest group have been made easy now! Its just a click and you are where you want!

Trust yourself that you deserve to be happy in life and you got everything to do fulfil that. Living Big will help you get everything in your life and the best for sure!

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