Know yourself to lead a happy life

How to know yourself to lead a happy life?

How much do you know yourself? Most of us pretend to know others character or psychology but won’t realise how much we know about ourselves. Knowing just little about ourselves can make big changes in life but how to know yourself?

Did you ever think who you are when nobody is watching! Only you can understand yourself when you can spend some time alone without any deviations. But we know the world is all about deviations, right! If at all when you spend time for yourself, what you do, how you fill that time?

To lead a happy life is the biggest challenge today. With a lot of stress at office and complications in relationships and spending leftover time on social media, there is no time left to live a really happy life. This is the reason, you need to know yourself better. So how to know yourself better to lead a happy life?

how to lead a happy life

One of the best quotes of Shakespeare, “To thine own self, be true.” Which means knowing yourself is the foundations of creating a world that works for you. Living authentically by being true to yourself is how to ensure that happiness.

Know yourself better

What is unique in yourself? Don’t start self-pitying that you are no way unique. Everyone is unique on this earth! Everything in you such as your values, talents, opinions, preferences, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, humanity, gratitude everything has some level which is not exact to any other human. You should know how and when to utilise all these with a proper purpose to make your life forever happy.

Emotions drive us too hard and we stop thinking when we are emotionally carried away. This is just an example of all situations where you need to think and know yourself better how to overcome and which other emotion you should use to neutralise the previous emotion. Win your emotion and win yourself.

Winning an emotion is being misunderstood by most of the teenagers today. As per their understanding, winning an emotion is suppressing them and they never let out their real emotion which slowly changes into various kinds of depressions. Here, I try to explain too much of any emotion is not good and should be self-controlled! Live according to your values and ethics along with a little adjustment with the world around you.

Create your own happiness

Happiness is not sold in baskets to buy and keep it reserved for yourself. You need to create your own happiness. Everyone around you is astounding! If everyone around is happy then why should you sit tight drawing a line of unnecessary and depressing rules.

Well, how can you create your happiness? I would say follow your heart and put some brain into everything you do to make some sense. Well, stop making sense in everything and occasionally have some crazy fun but that’s not a preferred lifestyle to hold for long.

how to lead a happy life

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What to do!

Have a track of everything you think and do. Make a journal of your thoughts, ideas and impressions. This helps you understand yourself better and get even more clear thoughts. Also helps reducing stress.

Spend gadget-free time with yourself. Most of the time we spend time with our smartphones which blocks our mind to have creative space. So, have deviations to free time for yourself and discover your inner self.

Think what makes you happy and motivates you. There might be some things which you would like to do, but never got time. Think of everything related and plan to do what makes you happy for yourself. Stop thinking of others happiness when you practice this.

Consider all your relationships. Blood relations are always bonded, so apart from them, think with which kind of people you are in relation with. Evaluate your love interest, friends, colleagues and understand all the influences you carry every day. Assess all the relationships and get the best of everything avoiding the void in mind.

Never think of how you look to others. First, think how you are looking to yourself, do you like it? Are you comfortable with your look? What do you want to change? Just do it and make sure you are not being awkward on road. Go makeup free or choose flats if not interested in the heel, wear colors of your choice etc. Satisfy yourself first and then think of others hunger This today’s world quote to live a happy life.

Most of the time, you may not be like minded with your company. Don’t worry about that too. You can find everything exciting around you anytime with the help of like-minded people. Folks with same interest post everything happening around you in a recently launched local social network platform called Buzzpad. Discover everything around you and find what makes you happy and join the activity with real time updates. Being happy made easy for us!

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