Why we are feeling lonelier than ever?

As we search the term loneliness, we get about 51,700,000 results Just in 0.34 seconds. Articles on loneliness are rapidly increasing in thousands and this has become a public interest issue as more people feel much lonelier thanever.

Loneliness spreads through a contagious process. Its proven that 52% people are positive to feel loneliness when surrounded by lonely people. Also, a new study from the health insurance company Cigna found that loneliness is at epidemic levels in the US.

According to experts, loneliness is a major public health threat than any other threats. Have you ever thought of why have you been feeling lonelier than ever? Let’s explore a few factors make you feel lonelier.

Social Media usage

Social media, of course, has brought the globe on one platform irrespective of distance and time. Although there are ample advantages on social media, there is another side of the coin too.

Usage of social media is rapid in the past few years. Average time spending on the internet has also proved to be abnormal through various surveys and researches. Life in social media drags into a virtual world with no connections in person and they talk online rather than in Real.

As we discussed the problems and effects of social media on teenagers in our previous articles, everyone thinks to present their best on social media and anything imperfect from our part makes us self-pity and the sense of loneliness increases.


Work life Balance

Work life balance is the most important subject we need to learn today, to overcome stress and win the world. Although technology has made life easy, we are working not less before than agriculture revolution.

This modern world increased the levels of stress in every human being. With more stress levels, people are moving away from positive social connections with co-workers, sticking to desk and pushing more into feeling of loneliness.

The mode of communication plays its role too. Conversations through emails, instant messages rather than in-person talks leading to disengaged talks with colleagues and loneliness. Pleasant working culture with more interactions in person and combined celebrations of successes can help combat feelings of loneliness.

Lack of close friends

We have a lot of friends on social media or as contacts in mobile but every few close friends to whom you can call and share feelings anytime. According to GSS (General Social Survey), The number has nearly tripled ofpeople who say they have no one to discuss “important matters”.

Having hundreds of friends in social media is of no use when we feel of having a real conversation in person. Real life social networks are shrinking leading to feelings of lonelier than ever. There is no bitching or hangout evenings between friends due to caluculation of time for everything and stress too.

Long Distance Relations

People even flew out of countries and continents for jobs with higher pay stubs. Eventually, the definition of family has become just biological. No affection within families in person. Due to these long-distance relations, people feel isolated at once and continue to live with the same feeling of not having anyone to share their core feelings.

Upcoming generations have a major threat of loneliness. Parents think of a better future for their kids and choose boarding school. This makes them vulnerable to loneliness in childhood itself, making loneliness as one of their characteristics with a few or no emotion in conversations. This eventually leads to feelings of loneliness and depressions etc.

This is also one of the reasons why millennials are choosing experiences ov things. Most of the surveys also proved that millennials are not interested in fancy jobs or properties rather they would prefer moments and achievements from their bucket list.


Addiction to Technology

Commonly, we can notice everyone staring at their smartphones neglecting the person in front of them. Have you ever felt most of our sentences are half in complete in direct conversations due to checking new notifications in smart phones?

Just not smartphones, there are lot more innovations in technology today, which take away any left-out time of our stressed-out day. Studies show people check their mobiles between 35 and 74 times per day on an average.

How to get out from the feelings of loneliness?

Try to get more into people and real conversations. Explore everything live and share every moment with others which makes you feel better instantly. Curate all your social media feeds and avoid everything that makes you feel low.

Try to discover everything that is happening around you and explore an activity or event which interests you. There is a lot of help waiting for you to pull you out of feelings of loneliness. You just must accept it and go-ahead.

Local social networks are the new trend to keep people occupied in a healthy way. These networks connect people with similar interests within the same local hood. One such network to share your experiences with same interest people is Buzzpad.

Discover and explore everything around you through Buzzpad and invite people for real conversations and celebrations right when they are happening. Indulge yourself more into liveliness and get out of the feelings of isolationand loneliness with just a click.

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