Be Yourself and Follow Your Passion

buzzers are the only way to explore your interests and passions

Explore Your Community based on Your Passions

We care your interests and passions. Get your live feed based on the buzzers you follow from fellow users. Life is ticking like never before and never again, so explore everything around you!

Follow Buzzers of Your Choice

Although new buzzers keep rolling out with time, there is no restrictions to follow the buzzers of your interest. You can also follow a buzzer which you aren’t buzzing about.

Share Your Buzz

Start buzzing your moments and stories by tagging the right buzzers which makes your buzz reach to everyone following similar interests around you.


Every one of us have different interests and passions and so buzzpad don’t want to annoy you by showing the things you don’t like so we created this network based on interest categories which we call you can only follow the buzzers that interest you.

In other words, Buzzer is an interest tag which when followed notifies you the buzz of real time activity of respective interest tag directly to your feed.

Buzzpad is not a place where you trade like for likes or do something for higher followers count. So Be Yourself and let the world welcome you! 

NB: Attention buzzites!

Buzzpad is not where you share selfies of you! — It’s where you share the moments in front of you.

Buzzpad is not where you follow other users for their photos — It’s where you discover the real-time buzz of other users.

Buzzpad is just not about staying connected! — It’s about staying connected to the moment.


Start Buzzing by Tagging!

Choosing the right buzzers is key for running the platform efficiently

Let’s share about food with foodies by tagging “food” buzzer

Let’s share an in-store deal with shoppers by tagging “Shopping” buzzer

let’s share your experience of an event with event enthusiasts by tagging “Events” buzzer

 Let’s share your experience of Cavs game with NBA followers using “NBA” buzzer

Let’s share your hiking experience with hikers by tagging “Hiking” buzzer

let’s share your achievement in the gym with fitness freaks by tagging “fitness” buzzer

Let’s share about a music event you attended with music and event lovers by tagging “Music” and “Event” buzzers.

Below are some of the buzzers available during our phase-1 release and will keep rolling out new buzzers as the community evolves.





Deals & Promotions



TV & Movies











Building Stronger Networks

We believe building stronger social network is about making everyone work together with a common goal.

Though buzzers are the fastest and most efficient way to make your buzz reach to everyone but tagging the inappropriate buzzers for your posts can lead to untagging or removing the post. Every buzzer has it’s own set of rules for using it and everyone of us must follow them in order to build a stronger and spam free social network.

Buzzpad is built by users of your community and so users will have  the power to  make platform clean and safe by avoiding spam or offensive content. we aim to make buzzpad as a self governing social platform without the need of holding power by any entity.

Start Buzzing With Buzzers

Start following the buzzers that interest you