Community Guidelines

Buzzpad is all about creating buzz posts that benefits communities. To make sure all our users have a great experience, we have a few content policies.

Any account when found with repeated infringement of our community guidelines will result in termination of account.

Sexually explicit content

We don’t allow images or videos that feature nudity or sex acts.

Graphic violent content

We don’t allow images that show gratuitous violence or glorify violence.

Hateful content

We want the community to get engaged in an assertive manner.We don’t allow content that promotes hatred or violence against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Communicating assertively means asking for what you want or saying how you feel in an honest and respectful way that does not infringe on another person’s safety, dignity, or well-being and does not make the other person feel disrespected.

Harassment and cyberbullying

We don’t allow content that harasses, bullies, or is physically or sexually exploitative. We don’t allow gratuitous incivility, where the primary purpose of the content is a personal ad hominem attack against a private person or organization.

Personal and confidential information

We don’t allow the sharing of a private person’s confidential and personally identifiable information (for example, medical records , financial information, educational qualifications etc).

Deceptive behavior

We remove accounts that impersonate any person or organization, or that misrepresent their primary purpose. We don’t allow content that has been manipulated to mislead users. buzzpad has total right to make any accounts terminated if we find the account infringes any terms and conditions.

Spam & malware

We don’t allow excessive repetitive content, misspellings, or gimmicky character use. We also don’t allow links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software. we wanted every one to share their buzz, experience or activity happening in front of them so when found using someone else content, we will remove the posts with or without informing the user.

Dangerous & illegal activities

We don’t allow content that promotes or facilitates dangerous activities or illegal activities, including self-harm, such as self mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse. We also don’t allow content used to threaten or organize violence or support violent organizations.

Promotional content

We don’t allow content that’s primarily meant to serve as an ad, such as endorsements of specific products or calls to purchase featuring prices. we have also provided every user an opportunity to report any posts that are trying to endorse any kind of businesses.


We don’t allow content that infringes on anyone’s intellectual work or property.

Copyrighted content

Be aware of rules for photos and video when at events. We will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Repeated infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, will result in account termination.

Child safety

We have a zero tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. We will remove and report such content as required by law, and may take other appropriate action, such as disabling accounts and terminating access to all contents within an account.

buzzpad never shares any of your personal information with any third party advertisers.