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Why Buzzpad?

Have you ever felt that you are frequently missing out on most of the things that are happening around in your city or neighborhood?
 Despite all the social media, there is no sure shot way of following every interesting story or the events happening in your neighborhood… stories that you might be interested in!
Yes, there is a lot of buzz unfolding each second like a buzzing party, cultural or musical event, a food festival, closeout sale in nearby store, karaoke night in a bar across the street, new sporting club or hiker’s meetup that you might have no idea about…
…because these stories are untold and quite frankly there is no medium that can get you all these updates from your neighborhood…. UNTIL NOW!
 Introducing Buzzpad!
A social platform to discover, explore and share the buzz in real time as they are happening
Discover – Discover the buzz around you in real time based on your interests and passions.
Explore – Start Exploring the things you discovered
Buzz – buzz your moments and experiences with your friends and people of similar interests.
 Buzzpad is a network built by users of your community and every event, news, updates, and activities happening around you are directly broadcasted by users on the ground in the real-time using their phones.
 Buzzpad helps you make your voice heard every time you have a buzz to share! Be the voice of your community!
 Our platform allows you to follow any number of buzzers (interests) and keep a tab on everything happening around you.
Just download our app and start discovering the buzz about your interests!
Explore your community like never before… with the all-new Buzzpad app!